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Content heavy but executed with good white space, colored dividers and short clips of text. Expanding ribbon tabs helps simplify the navigation process— very exceptional!

Visual design is appropriate for subject matter. Clean, clear. Traditional navigation bar. Content arranged similar to a newsletter. Unneeded site map at bottom, which could be a little confusing to some.

Creative and intriguing, it makes you want to investigate and explore everything. The navigation is somewhat traditional but expands and moves into a more emergent flow. The design is brilliant, a little fun scribble paired with a clear sans serif. Fast to move around in.

There’s bunch going on, but the navigational elements are traditional and very clear. The scrolling carousel leads you in further in— to their blog posts. There is a nice hierarchy that they are using for showing us which content is most important to read.

Pegasus Horses

The “Wing Horse Extravaganza” in Kitty Hawk, NC. Benifited the Carolla Wild Horse Fund while also benefiting the Monument to a Century of Flight. Get it? — flying horses… it’s brilliant, and beautiful. It’s too bad we didn’t get to see any real wild horses!

Fake Scale Border

This border is a simple of the use of scale used in this image. It’s comparing the sizes of humans to sharks, it’s not to any sort of scale but it’s a reminder that this is comparing measurements.

Light House

An understated symbol of danger.

Sailfish not Marlin

This statue was meant to represent this community which is based around their main road called Sailfish Lane. This is a marlin, not a sailfish!

Weather Flags

Symbols to explain weather forecasts to warm boaters of the conditions. A lot like sailing race flags. Very interesting on how they came up with all the different variations.

Pirate Boat Map

Shipwrecks categorized by what type of boat it was and placed on the shore where about it sank. The symbols of the boats are easy to tell apart from the other. 

Pirate Chess Set

The Bishops and Rookies etc are made into Pirate characters. Taking on the feel of sailing and piracy instead of the medieval traditional feel.

Earth Energy Projection

Created by projecting on to a sphere by 4 projectors all timed and laid out in sequential order. Amazing!

iTouch Radio

Easy to just plop your music player on and hit play, it’s pretty self-explanatory. I wish it had a radio too. It’s nice how it recognizes when my iTouch is playing or when it’s turned off.


One button used to open the door remotely, and then the handset used to communicate with the person at the door. It’s unclear if you have to push the button for a second or two or if you just push it for an instant.

Electric Toothbrush

Easy, one button and timed, you just push the button and brush, it beeps when you’ve reached the time span.

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